Our Stretch film to be thinner, stronger, and stiffer than standard gauged stretch film.Our standard gauged stretch film that is comparable to any gauged stretch film from other manufacturer.Light and easy to handle rolls enable efficient bundling and applying.We offers excellent stretch, tear strength, great clarity, and strength.We offer our colored stretch film in the following colors: blue, red, green, yellow, and orange. Having multiple colors to wrap multiple product loads enable quick and easy identification when wrapping.We recommend color tinted machine film for anyone wanting to quickly identify pallet loads or color code shipments. A great choice for protecting product loads from UV rays as well as concealing product shipments.Machine stretch film is ideal for medium to large scale operations intending to wrap products quickly and efficiently.


Water proof
High strength
Tear resistant
Better stability
High elongation

Avoid contamination
Low noise applications
Attractive glossy finish
Used for chemicals and paints
Used for electronic equipments

Size variation available
Easy to apply and easy to remove
Can be used for food and beverages
Simple and easy corrosion protection
Differentiate Product As Per Quality Standar